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Welcome to Phoenix Fitness & Wellness,
where your journey to improved overall health and well-being begins.

We offer a variety of guided holistic health & wellness programs to help you make lasting changes for a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.  Our client centered approach is customized to fit your individual needs and goals. Together, we will identify areas of your life that need improvement, formulate an individualized health and wellness plan, and monitor your progress throughout the program.                

Private 1:1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions are available.
          Whether you live locally or are anywhere else in the world, we make our services accessible           
via in person, phone, or zoom sessions. 

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Energy Healing & Breathwork

    Energy healing is a holistic practice that treats energetic imbalances bringing the body's system back to balance. Chakra balancing focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras to create alignment in your body.

    Breathwork encompasses a range of breathing exercises designed to enhance your overall well being. It encourages you to disconnect from the mind and encourages you to be guided by the flow of energy throughout your body expressed with every breath.

By taking a few minutes a day to focus on your breath and unblock your channels of energy you can:

  • reduce pain and anxiety

  • sharpen your memory, concentration and awareness

  • improve sleep quality

  • improve cardiovascular health

  • strengthen your lungs

  • release toxins

  • reduce stress and fatigue

  • improve communication with others

  • improve control over your emotions

& Mindfulness Coaching

     Mindfulness is the practice of being actively aware of the present moment. In this state you observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement. Here you can address stress, anxiety, or other underlying challenges and find healing.

     Meditation is a mindfulness technique that is used to help you feel grounded and find inner peace.  Concentrating on the five senses and developing an awareness of the present moment, enhances feelings of peace, calmness, and overall better well being. 

By focusing on the breath and experience during meditation you can:

  • improve self awareness

  • lower blood pressure

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • reduce chronic pain

  • improve sleep quality

  • increase attention and focus

  • feel calm, peaceful, and balanced 

  • enhance mental health


Nutritional Guidance 
& Self-Care

     Taking the time for self-care helps you improve and maintain better overall health and happiness. It helps you deal with everyday stressors. Understanding the 7 pillars of self-care, mental, emotional, physical, financial, environmental, social, and spiritual, helps you identify where improvement is needed and how to achieve it.

    A nutritious and well balanced diet is a necessary practice of self-care. Recognizing your daily eating and living habits that negatively affect your overall wellbeing is the first step to improvement. Creating an individualized action plan to assess and address these areas helps you restore happiness in your life and overall better well being.


     The benefits of better nutrition and a daily self-care routine include:

  • reduced anxiety and depression

  • increased happiness

  • reduced stress

  • improved energy

  • improved concentration

  • maintaining a healthy body weight

  • reduced risk of chronic disease

  • improved healthy daily habits 

  • improved sleep

  • improved self esteem

& Yoga for kids

Mindfulness and yoga have many benefits for kids. The skills learned in these practices can help kids increase their overall well-being and enable them to deal with their inner self and the world around them with openness, awareness, and presence. Regular practice promotes positive, healthier habits and decreases negative habits and behaviors. Improved physical, emotional, and mental health are all benefits of a regular kids' mindfulness and yoga routine. Incorporating these practices at an early age fosters a safe and positive environment for the developing brain in children.  It establishes healthy habits early in life and sets the stage for continued healthy habits throughout adolescence into adulthood.

The benefits of mindfulness and a yoga routine include:

  • increased focus and attention span

  • increased self-control and emotional regulation

  • decreased levels of disruptive behavior and aggression

  • decreased levels of social anxiety

  • improved ability to resolve conflict

  • reduced levels of stress and depression

  • development of fine and gross motor skills

  • improved executive functioning including working memory,  cognitive control, and cognitive flexibility

  • increased strength and flexibility

  • improved peer relationships

Lifestyle Boutique

Phoenix Lifestyle Boutique is more than just a store, it's a lifestyle and a community hub where women can come together to find inspiration, support, and encouragement.  We believe that self-care and wellness should be a priority for everyone, which is why we offer a variety of mind-body wellness products to help you achieve your inner peace and balance. Our commitment to mind-body wellness is evident in everything we do, and  we are always on the lookout for new products that align with our values. Our curated women's clothing is made for comfort and style, ensuring you look and feel your best every day. Additionally, our unique gift collection is filled with thoughtful and inspirational items that make perfect gifts for any occasion.

If you're looking for a shopping experience that promotes both inner and outer well-being, then we invite you to shop in-store or online to find the perfect selection of must-haves for your lifestyle.


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